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Investor Relations: Introduction

ISC is a leader in transforming information-based government services enabling a world of accessible, secure and authentic information for people and business.

Company Overview

Headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Information Services Corporation (ISC) is the exclusive provider of land, personal property and corporate registry administration and management services to the Government of Saskatchewan under a twenty-year Master Service Agreement that was implemented in May 2013.

Since ISC’s creation in 2000 as a provincial Crown corporation with a mandate to modernize the land titles registry, the Company has acquired and enhanced several registries within Saskatchewan.

In 2013, Information Services Corporation made the transition from a provincial Crown corporation owned by the Government of Saskatchewan to a publicly traded company with shares that began trading on July 9, 2013 on the TSX under the symbol “ISV”.

ISC is distinguished from typical registry software providers by its unique expertise in the full-service management and administration of registries. In addition to the registry services, ISC offers complementary and customized information services and solutions. ISC works with governments and private-sector organizations to develop policies and procedures to support the integrity of the data, then manages the information technology and data management and authentication processes. Finally, the Company delivers the customer service experience online and through personal interactions.

The end-users of our products and services are individuals and businesses, including real estate agents, home builders and municipalities, governments, financial institutions, insurance companies, car and equipment dealers, land developers, and resource, utility and pipeline businesses as well as small businesses and corporations and established intermediary customers such as legal, survey and engineering firms.

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